Intervention of trans activists at the conference of the International AIDS Society in Mexico City

The positive example of the International Workshop on Transgender People & HIV was unfortunately overshadowed by the events at the IAS conference in Mexico City. It is a telling example that once again a panel called "Perspectives of Transgender Women and HIV" was scientifically presented exclusively by cis persons on stage. The only perspective of a trans woman came from Paulina Carrasco-Hernandez. Paulina is a psychologist from Mexico City and could also have spoken from the perspective of a professional academic. However, she was asked to present her personal life story and her experiences as a trans woman. She was also the only one who spoke Spanish in front of an English-speaking audience. Compared to many other panels, no translators were assigned to her, so most of the audience did not even understand what she said.


The contents of the other cis panelists were at times highly problematic, stereotypical and non-scientific. Because of this we took the initiative to speak up against the misrepresentation and exclusion of our community. The intervention can be seen here in the video (access possible without Facebook account!):