English · 06. Dezember 2019
The local Berlin queer Siegessäule Magazine gave me the opportunity to write about my experiences as trans person in (cis) gay male spaces.

English · 16. November 2019
This year I was invited to Geneva for the first time by the World Health Organization (WHO) and UNAIDS. At this meeting I was actively advocating for the needs of the trans community.

English · 16. Oktober 2019
Together with my colleague Cianán Russell from the Trans Survivors Network, I gave a presentation at the PrEP in Europe Summit in Warsaw about the sexual health of trans men who have sex with men (trans MSM).

English · 28. August 2019
In August 2019 the anthology "Trans & Care: Trans Personen zwischen Fürsorge, Selbstsorge und Versorgung" was published by transcript publishing house. It contains 14 chapters, mostly written from authors of trans experience.

English · 24. Juli 2019
Due to the negative incidents during the conference, trans identified activists and researchers took an intervention to combat the misrepresentation and exclusion of trans people.
English · 22. Juli 2019
At the conference organized by Virology & Education, which was a kind of opening event for the major conference of the International AIDS Society in Mexico City, I was invited to talk about the current situation in Europe.

English · 19. Juli 2019
At the invitation of the community bookstore Somos Voces, I was able to talk about self-care strategies with people from the local community during my visit to Mexico City.

English · 16. Mai 2019
For the third time I have been involved in reviewing the grant applications from a variety of great trans-lead projects and organizations from around the world. We had some tough decisions to make about which projects will be funded by the ITF in 2019/20.

English · 16. November 2018
In November 2018 I was invited by UNAIDS and WHO to Stockholm to the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control to talk about the access to PrEP for trans people.

English · 31. Juli 2018
Even though some of the participants in the conference did not consider this to be possible, but trans male and non-binary people do exist! Together with other activists and researchers from all over the world, we made this strongly underrepresented group more visible.