English · 20. Juni 2020
QC is a queer-run, non-profit, empowerment project that aims to support trans & queer initiatives worldwide. On our vegan YouTube cooking channel we show you how to cook our favorite dishes while raising awareness about trans and queer matters. We regularly post videos on our channel, sharing with you our passion for good, healthy food and other self-care practices. The goal of the YouTube channel is to raise funds for different trans & queer projects.

English · 06. Dezember 2019
The local Berlin queer Siegessäule Magazine gave me the opportunity to write about my experiences as trans person in (cis) gay male spaces.

English · 16. November 2019
This year I was invited to Geneva for the first time by the World Health Organization (WHO) and UNAIDS. At this meeting I was actively advocating for the needs of the trans community.

English · 16. Oktober 2019
Together with my colleague Cianán Russell from the Trans Survivors Network, I gave a presentation at the PrEP in Europe Summit in Warsaw about the sexual health of trans men who have sex with men (trans MSM).

English · 28. August 2019
In August 2019 the anthology "Trans & Care: Trans Personen zwischen Fürsorge, Selbstsorge und Versorgung" was published by transcript publishing house. It contains 14 chapters, mostly written from authors of trans experience.

English · 24. Juli 2019
Due to the negative incidents during the conference, trans identified activists and researchers took an intervention to combat the misrepresentation and exclusion of trans people.
English · 22. Juli 2019
At the conference organized by Virology & Education, which was a kind of opening event for the major conference of the International AIDS Society in Mexico City, I was invited to talk about the current situation in Europe.

English · 19. Juli 2019
At the invitation of the community bookstore Somos Voces, I was able to talk about self-care strategies with people from the local community during my visit to Mexico City.

English · 16. Mai 2019
For the third time I have been involved in reviewing the grant applications from a variety of great trans-lead projects and organizations from around the world. We had some tough decisions to make about which projects will be funded by the ITF in 2019/20.

English · 16. November 2018
In November 2018 I was invited by UNAIDS and WHO to Stockholm to the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control to talk about the access to PrEP for trans people.

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