How to apply for funding as an organization?

No matter if you are a small group that just needs some help about receiving funds to print the next flyers or if you are an organization that works on a yearly budget of $500.000+. I can help you to write stronger and more successful grant applications or to rethink your fundraising strategy!

Accessing to money in the field of human rights, is highly competetive, but through many years of experience in applying for funding and numerous written academic works, I know what it means to write concise and effective. Additionally, I have gathered much information about potential donors (worldwide) and what might be a proper way to approach funding opportunities. I have not only taught academic writing to students at university, I have also given multiple workshops on how to successfully apply for grants. 

Besides my experience in effective writing, I was reviewing grant applications for 3 years for the International Trans Fund. As a member of the Grant Making Panel, I got to know what is needed for a successful application. Throughout these years as a reviewer, I got to see what are the dos and don'ts, when it comes to grant applications. 

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