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COMING in 2020!!

International Perspectives on Trans Health

Following the German edition, in the second half of 2020, we will publish a second, internation edition of our book "Trans & Care". This time we gathered 20 chapters on how trans health care looks in different settings. We received contributions from all continents, giving a global insight in the trans communitys' needs in regards to health care.

Conference about accessing PrEP in the EU; organized by UNAIDS & WHO

I was invited by UNAIDS to speak about the access to PrEP for trans masculine/male identities. The meeting was held at the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control in Stockholm in November 2018.

Trans masculine & non-binary visibility at the World AIDS Conference 2018

We do exist! Some people were surprised about the fact that trans men and non-binary identities exist and fight for our right to be included in HIV/AIDS research and prevention. 


Anthology about Trans & Care

It won't take long anymore until this amazing book about trans specific needs in health care comes out (August 2019). My wonderful colleague María do Mar Castro Varela and I have been working for some time now on this project. We gathered 14 chapters predominantly written by scholars and activists with a trans experience. This publication is in German.

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