January 2019

In cooperation with my colleague María do Mar Castro Varela and the participation of 22 authors, the anthology "Trans & Care: Trans Personen zwischen Selbstsorge, Fürsorge und Versorgung" (Trans & Care: Trans persons between self-care, care and care provision) has come together over the past 18 months. We are proud to be able to publish the first volume of this kind in German. With this important and more than necessary work, we hope to address and improve the care situation of trans people in the German-speaking region. 


The volume will be published in May/June 2019 by transcript Verlag Bielefeld. 



"In medicine, psychology and nursing, trans persons are marginalized. Gender diversity is often considered together with sexual diversity - the lived experience of trans persons, however, is thereby concealed. For the first time, this volume therefore deals not only with the current situation of trans persons in various systems, but also with the concept of "self-care". It should pave the way for options for action that lead to improved nursing, medical, therapeutic and social care for trans persons. The majority of the contributions are written from a lived trans perspective". 


Further information can be found under the announcement of the transcript publishing house here:





This project was made possible by the generous financial donations of the Hannchen Mehrzweck Stiftung and the Simmons & Simmons Charitable Foundation. We are very grateful for your support!!