10.-12. October 2019 - "PrEP in Europe Summit": Ending unequal access to effective HIV prevention in Europe.

                                  Location: Warsaw/Poland - Invited speaker about sexual health of trans men.

                                  The aim of this summit is to articulate how we, as members of the affected communities

                                  and their allies, want to be able to benefit from it. We are mobilising not just for the Right

                                  to PrEP, but the Right PrEP – provided in ways that most align to our needs for protection

                                  from HIV, and for good sexual healthcare.


21. Oktober 2019 - Lecture: "Trans & Gender Diversity in Scientific Environments"- 10am

                                 Location:  Max-Planck-Institut, Golm/Potsdam
Public Lecture in Golm/Potsdam

Not only the introduction of a third gender option in Germany in 2018 has fueled the discussion around gender diversity in the past years. News articles about pregnant men and known politicians and celebrities, who have started their journey of transitioning have been represented in mainstream media recently.

    But who are these articles talking about? Who are trans and intersex people? What is the difference between transgender, transsexual and a drag queen? And why should I even care about gender diversity?

    Gender diverse people still face individual and institutionalized discrimination and stigma on a daily life basis. Up until today, it is unknown how many people are trans and/or intersex. But it is certainly more than one might think! It is very likely that someone we know, let it be in our extended family, one of our friends, colleagues, or our students, may be gender variant. The visibility of these specific population has grown more and more over the past years, but many also hide their true identity out of fear of facing violence and discrimination.

    This lecture will give an introduction about the topics of gender, gender identity, and sexuality. It will clarify what’s behind this growing line of letters – LGBTIAQ+ - and how opening up to diversity can not only be liberating for oneself, but also how one can become an active ally to those around us, who do not fit the normative gender ideals. Participants will be provided with some simple, practical steps to make our personal and work environment more open towards trans and/or intersex individuals and how to include them in today’s progressive and modern scientific environment.



13. November 2019 - Book release Party "Trans & Care: Trans Personen zwischen Fürsorge, Selbstsorge und

                                Versorgung" 7.30pm, Location: Aquarium/Südblock, Berlin

                                Public Book Presentation of the anthology "Trans & Care: Trans Personen zwischen Fürsorge und




16. November 2019 - "Money Makes the World Go Round": Workshop about successful funding applications.

                                 Location: Berlin/Germany. In collaboration with Bundesverband Trans*. If you are interested  

                                 in participating in this workshop, please sign up via email to: info@bv-trans.de