Trans-inclusive Care

Workshops and Education Opportunities

  • Do you work in a physiotherapy or medical practice and don't really know how to best deal sensitively with patients who are outside gender norms without running the risk of asking too personal questions?
  • You are a social welfare agency, an institution, a group or organization and you have contact with gender  diverse users of your services, or those who are not yet fully aware of their identity? Do you have questions on how to make your services more accessible and trans-inclusive?
  • In both cases, recent studies have shown that trans people are less likely to seek medical help and social support. The reasons for this is, on the one hand, previously experienced discrimination in those settings and on the other hand, simply caused by a lack of knowledge of service providers. Trans people quickly become "experts" of their group and inappropriate questions are being asked, which often have little to do with the needed care/help. This contributes to insecurity on both sides, which, as the studies have shown, often leads to the fact that needed help is not being received.
  • In order to prevent this and to guarantee the human right to discrimination-free (health) care, I offer interactive workshops and seminars for those who would like to work in more detail to trans-inclusive care. In an understandable and practical way, strategies are conveyed that will make your offer more inclusive, sensitive and inviting for the trans community.
  • Have I caught your interest? Then please send me your specific request via the contact form please click here (duration, content, and costs can be discussed individually). All workshops are offered in German or English.