About me

As a queer trans activist, diversity consultant, public speaker, Public Health expert (PhD), author, and author, I would describe myself as a little multitalent. As a founder and CEO of my own company Diversity Factory GmbH, my team and I offer consulting and further education on the subject of diversity and social sustainability. We provide learning opportunities for all levels within a company or organisation - from the C-level to all employees. We use both in person and technology supported approaches in the form of e-Learning.

As an author I have published several research papers and books - including a children’s book and an autobiographical novel.

On social media, I also talk about the beautiful facets and the benefits of diversity on different platforms. In short, informative videos, I explain topics of gender and sexual diversity and my own experiences from the life of a trans person. In addition, I have appeared in various TV formats and in the feature film "Einfach Nina" (2022) several times. Finally, I have completed my doctorate at the Institute for Public Health of the Charité Universitätsmedizin Berlin and I am a renown expert in the field of HIV prevention.

Social Media

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