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Far too little in today's fast-paced society do we listen to people and try to understand the very individual backgrounds that each person brings with them. That misunderstandings arise because of this or that this even causes fears is inevitable.


I would like to take you on a small journey of my very personal story and set it into the larger context of our society. What is my goal with that? Again, I want to show what joy, beauty and increased benefit lies in diversity and how this could unite us as a society instead of dividing us.


In addition to the topic of diversity in general, I am an internationally recognized expert in the field of HIV prevention, especially in relation to trans people. Through collaborations on a national level with the Robert Koch Institute, the German Aids Service Organization and other specialized institutions, as well as internationally with the World Health Organization (WHO), UNAIDS, the National Institute of Health (USA), Columbia University New York (USA), the University of California, Berkeley (USA) and the City University New York (USA), I have been able to gain a lot of experience in the past 5 years. I'm very happy to share my expertise through talks and lectures.


Impulse lectures, key notes or expert lectures can be held both in German and English.

Image credits (BMJV/Foto): Photothek
Image credits (BMJV/Foto): Photothek

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